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Why are reviews found on Kitzee reliable and better?

All Kitzee reviews are reflecting actual project experience of real persons with a company. Although posted anonymously, our team is checking and verifying each review individually. We take several precautions from computer supported checks to human inspections before publishing to ensure that reviews come from real customers and avoid potential conflicts of interest, defamation, self-assessments, or fraudulent reviews. Our system keeps proof that there was an actual business relation between writer and company such as financial transactions. The structure and criteria in our review form enable you to directly compare the experience to other companies from the same area or business.

Think critically about negative reviews

Negative reviews may not reflect broader opinions about a particular company. Single negative comments might echo the work of a specific employee. In some cases, customers also have excessive expectations and demand services beyond the agreed scope of work.

Therefore, it is important to also read any replies by the company to such review. You can always ask the company specifically about negative reviews to understand if they implemented measures to improve.

Check the date of posting on reviews

Recent reviews are typically the most helpful in considering what the business is like now. Over time, company culture can change as management and employees fluctuate. Filtering by most recent reviews can help you to understand recent improvements. Older reviews are also helpful in identifying past problem areas to determine whether they appear resolved in current opinions.

Look for repeated patterns in complaints and praise

Examine negative and positive reviews for patterns in wording and topics discussed to get an idea of what the actual company performance is like. For example, positive reviews that always emphasise good skills and timely work suggestgood project management. Repeated negative feedback can also suggest common themes within a business, such as a lower-than-average employee qualification or repeated problems with material quality and project management. By noting these topics in multiple reviews, you get a clearer picture of the general company behavior.

Look at other competitors in the field

Examining similar businesses within the same sector can provide valuable insight when researching a potential contractor. Comparing reviews of these competitors with the reviews of the company you are considering can help you determine whether complaints or praise apply to a particular business or are industry specific. For example, if many companies face the same issue with material availability, it might be a problem caused by the material producer.

Kitzee is making sure that you are provided with reliable and comprehensive information. You just need to look at the all details we provide to get a complete picture and select the optimal contractor for your project.

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