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Almost 100% of home owners will look for company or product reviews before deciding on their contractor. But consumers understand that not all information available is reliable and trustworthy. Google reviews can becoming from friends and family, Facebook reviews might be created by company employees–the biggest challenge is to find independent reviews that reflect actual business experience.

All Kitzee reviews are checked prior to publishing. Only we make sure that our reviews are not tampered with. Each review passes through a series of automated checks and is verified by an integrity analyst, who will even investigate when necessary to ensure we publish only reviews compliant with our rules.

Because of that customers trust our information more than other sources and it is essential for you to contribute to the impression you are creating on our Kitzee platform.

Overall, company reviews can play a vital role in improving customer satisfaction and retention. By building trust and credibility, setting realistic expectations, providing valuable feedback, and demonstrating customer care, companies can create a positive customer experience that leads to long-term loyalty and retention.

Indirectly, your Kitzee review score here will also influence your score on in search engine ranking and marketing opportunities. The concept is simple: Better review score provides better visibility online which will lead to more business opportunities.

Make sure your information on Kitzee is correct and up-to-date

The information in your company profile is like your business card.Consumers check and read carefully. Whenever you are missing details,provide outdated information, or dead links you might loose business.Customers don’t like to search different sources. They want everything in one place. An appealing profile with correct information and relevant projectsamples will build trust and make your company stand out againstcompetitors. Simply follow our company profile structure and complete asmuch information as possible. With the additional options provided by ourAdvanced Company Profile you will get more attention for sure.

Positive Reviews

Having done things right and getting appreciation for good service is something every company owner is looking forward to. It is important to understand why your customers are satisfied and how to keep up the high standards. Share appreciation with your team, it will help them to focus on customer satisfaction.

Negative Reviews

Acknowledge the customer’s concerns. Any review reflects their personal perception of your service which cannot be argued. But you can reason.

Stay professional when responding to negative reviews. If someone mentions a problem with a product or service, investigate to see what may have gone wrong.

Be honest about mistakes made and the steps you’ve taken or will take to rectify the situation. See if there are options to influence the situation and keep the customer happy.

Offer to talk it over. If this is the first time you get the complaint, invite the customer to email or call so that you can try to sort out the matter with them directly.

Apologize when appropriate but don’t take responsibility for things that weren’t your fault. Show compassion and empathy for the customer.

Respond in a timely manner. Customers and readers will appreciate a prompt reply.

Show that you’re authentic and genuine. Sign off with your name or initials in your response to show you are taking the matter seriously and that a real person is listening.

A negative review alone does not do much harm. It is important to deal with it professionally to demonstrate that you care for your customers. If customers were not completely satisfied with your services you have a good indication in which areas you can improve your performance.

Demonstrates customer care

Responding to customer reviews, whether positive or negative, can demonstrate to customers that the company cares about their experiences and opinions. A study published in the ‘Journal of Retailing’ found that responding to customer reviews can increase customer loyalty and retention[Bolton, Parasuraman, Hoefnagels, Migchels, Kabadayi, Gruber, & Solnet,2013].

Always strive to improve your performance

Regardless of the feedback you receive–you can learn from every comment a customer is providing. Striving to be better than your competitors will surely increase your chances to grow your business. Your positive reputation on Kitzee can make more money.

Ultimately, improving customer satisfaction and retention is essential to business success. By building trust and credibility, setting realistic expectations, providing valuable feedback, and demonstrating customer care, companies can create a positive customer experience that leads to long-term loyalty and retention.

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