Popular Improvement Tasks for second-hand Home Buyers

Popular Improvement Points For Second Hand Home Buyers

Things to consider when moving to a new home

When buying a used property every home owner knows that there will be hidden cost apart from purchasing price and legal fees. While many are planning some basic renovation cost, most first-time buyers are not well prepared to estimate the total budget required.

To help new home owners moving, Kitzee is listing some important points to consider when preparing yourfinancial planning. This guide can also work as checklist to check the condition of your future home before a purchase.

Change Exterior Locks

When you move into a home that was previously owned, consider rekeying your locks. It’s a quick way to secure your home and get peace of mind. Many options, including digital locks, can help you protect your property when you’re away. Some might be even willing to invest in added protection by installing a home security system complete with cameras, alarms, motion sensors and more.

Estimated cost: Quality door locks start fromTHB1.500. To change a whole mortise set you need to plan THB 3.000. A wide choice of digital door locks is available but not all fulfil basic safety standards. While simple digital locks can be found from THB 3.000 you might need to look at more secure options with a wider feature set for your external doors which will set you back up to THB 30.000.Always make sure to consult an expert locksmith because different doors require different locks.

Deep Cleaning

Many new homeowners choose to have a comprehensive whole-home cleaning before moving in. This deep cleaning allows for a fresh new start and can help decrease dingy aesthetics, while also lowering the need for costly repairs over time. Starting with mineral deposit removal from toilets all the way to dusting ceiling fans, whole home cleanings provide a clean start.

Estimated cost: Much will depend on the size and condition of your new property with package prices starting from THB 5.000 for a 100sqm house or apartment. Expect to pay more if your cleaning company must deal with renovation residues or complex tasks.

New interior and exterior Paint

A paint job can completely change your new home’s aesthetic and fix minor issues. Repainting your home’s exterior can also protect it from the elements while boosting your curb appeal.

Inside your home, you might want to repaint your living room, bedroom and kitchen walls and cabinets, especially if the existing paint is chipped or if the colour isn’t quite what you envisioned for your new home.

Estimated cost: Much will depend on the qualification of the painter and the quality of the paint used. Naturally, paining ceilings or high walls will cost more. Depending on the condition of the existing coat you might even need to remove the old paint before starting.

Calculations are usually done by square meter living space (not wall surface). Prices start from THB 500 and can go up to THB 1.500 per square meter. Be aware that smaller jobs tend to be more expensive per square meter compared to larger projects.


Something only house owners need to consider. As your outdoor garden has a lot of impact on the appearance of your home new owner are certainly willing to invest in improvements of lawn and garden. Due to the reduced maintenance efforts concrete covers and tiling are popular although coming with a negative impact on the environment. If rainwater is collected on such surfaces and is not properly drained it will have a negative effect on any house structure. Gras, flowers, and trees are certainly the better option and provide shade and oxygen but will require continuous watering.

Estimated cost: Average landscaping cost per square meter range from THB 500 to THB 3,000 for basic installations in the big cities. High-end designs can go up to THB 6,000 or higher per square meter. Costs might increase due to additional elements like water features, lighting systems, irrigation installation, retaining walls, paving, hardscapes, fencing, soil preparation. Naturally, the cost for plants will depend on your exclusive taste.

Professional landscape design services can be costly. Some reputable landscape architect firms operating in Bangkok charge consultancy fees starting at THB20,000. Naturally, the cost for plants will depend on your exclusive taste.

Fence Repairs

Not only does fencing add curb appeal, but it also creates a boundary and provides a bit of privacy from your neighbours. If your fencing has a few structural issues (leaning, missing boards, rotted wood, mildew damage, etc.), then it will require repairs.

Expected cost: Simple works can start from THB 500per running meter.

Roof Inspection

Every new home owner is well advised get the roof inspected. Problems are not unusual and increase with aging materials. A roofer can identify potential issues that could become expensive repairs down the line. For example, they can check for: Missing shingles or tiles, cracked, warped or broken materials, mildew growth, insufficient insulation, or ventilation.

If you don’t address important repairs early on, then you may need to get a new roof sooner than expectedwhich could cost you hundred thousand of bath.

Estimated cost: Roof inspection services starting from THB 5.000. It is important not to look for a cheap option but a qualified engineer to take a look.

Floor Repairs and Replacement

Does your new home have uneven floors? Carpets that are worn down? Chipped and cracked tiles? Noticeable gaps or dents in other flooring materials? If so, then consider repairing or refinishing your existing flooring before moving in. Even if you are just not happy with your current flooring and want to replace it, do it before?

Estimated cost: Best advice here is to compare offers from qualified companies. Much depends on the quality and current condition of your floor material and the degree of damage. Don’t be surprised that labour cost for repairs might set you back THB 500-1.000 per square meter as this required different skill and is only for defined areas, compared to replacing a complete floor which can only cost 300–600 THB per square meter (material cost not included).

Air Condition System Repairs and Replacement

Essential for the modern home, a broken or outdated cooling system can make you miserable under the climate conditions in Thailand. A faulty aircon can also be a safety hazard and lead to higher energy bills. Set aside money in your budget to prepare for aircon inspection and cleaning and replacement before you move in.

Estimated cost: A reliable reference of an air condition service is THB 500 per unit. An important aspect in your calculation should be the age of the installed aircon system. While a 10 year old system might still be working sufficiently well, all the modern inverter systems consume significant less energy. Despite the initially higher cost for a new installation, it sometimes takes only one year to get a complete return on investment.

Plumbing Repairs and Replacement

Whether those are shabby, old-fashioned, or dripping, faucets can give any bathroom and kitchen a modern and fresh look. You might want to consider renewing such installations before moving in. As bathrooms are usually the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening that you see you certainly want to make sure that it is an enjoyable experience. Water pumps are often positioned in the outdoors with insufficient protection from the environment. Overtime replacements will be inevitable. In reality most homeowners will wait with a replacement until failure. Another relevant topic very often overlooked in pre-owned houses is the condition of the septic tank.Proper cleaning also symbolizes a fresh start for you.

Estimated cost: Although you find cheaper models, quality faucets start around THB 1.000. The fee for septic tank cleaning ranges from THB 2.000 to 5.000small or medium-sized tanks. Your choice of water pumps will depend on the size of your house. Reliable models start in the range of THB 5.000–6.000.

Water Heater Repairs and Replacement

Closely related to our plumbing topic are water heaters. Usually, they don’t get much attention or maintenance during their life time. Limescale build-up and deteriorated electric connections will have an impact on proper function. Technology developed over the years to be more energy efficient. A replacement can increase the comfort of your shower and help to save on your electricity bill.

Estimated cost: Water heaters vary in technology (heat exchanger or boiler) and number of outlets they can serve. A replacement can set you back between THB3.000–7.000.

Regrout and Recaulk Bathroom Tiles

Your tiled bathroom surfaces can become quite unappealing over time if you don’t maintain the grout. Unfortunately, we see too many cases where tiling works were carried out correctly. Inspect every bathroom in your new home and check your tile floors, shower walls and countertops for any signs of cracked and crumbling grout, along with loose or uneven tiles. Limescale and soap scum can usually be removed from surfaces. Porcelain and stoneware tiles are usually easier to handle while popular choices of natural stones(e.g. marble or granite) require more attention to maintain an appealing surface. Tile cleaning can be included in your deep cleaning package. Regrouting would require a qualified company that you can find on Kitzee.

Estimated cost: The actual amount of work will determine your cost but simple regrouting jobs can be just THB 100 per square meter. The price can increase depending on the specific requirements of the job.

Cabinet Repairs and Replacement

There was a time when built-in furniture was highly popular. In many cases the cabinets are still sturdy and can still be use. But the design is very old-fashioned. If they are not damaged beyond repair, then you may just want to consider repainting them or adding new hardware to give them a fresh, updated look.

Estimated cost: Different surfaces will require different methods to repaint. Spray paint will give a smooth surface but requires technical equipment and skills that are not necessarily DIY jobs. You should plan THB 500-1.000 for spray paint. When attempting to do it yourself ask your paint supplier for the correct paint and application.

Countertop Repairs and Replacement

Bathroom and kitchen counters will endure heat, waterand daily wear and tear. In a pre-owned house thecountertops endured some exposure already. Cracks,chips, scratches, water damage, discolorations, andstains cannot be completely avoided. Depending on thedamage, a professional may be able to repair yourcounters or you might need to replace them.

Estimated cost: For any repair job you need to ask a professional for a quote. Replacing countertops will cost from 6.000–20.000 per square meter for quartz or natural stones.

Kitchen Appliance Repairs and Replacement

Even though the refrigerator, stove, microwave, hood, washing machine, and dishwasher are still working properly you can consider replacing old appliances. Repair costs are often not reasonable compared to a replacement. Like with other electrical appliances you can save on your monthly utilities bill when upgrading to modern technologies. Always compare when getting quotes for appliances repair jobs.

Estimated cost: If you intend to replace any appliances, shop for special offers. You can often save significantly when buying at the right time.

Lighting Replacement

Lighting creates spaces—both outdoors and indoors. As you are inspecting the lights in every room around your home, check to ensure the lighting around your outdoor steps, and indoor staircases are working properly. If not, fix or replace them. You can change the appearance of a room completely by changing lights and lamps. A lot of useful advice on the best choice for every room can be found online. Consider LED lights where possible. The technology is so advanced that you find different light colours and intensities to fit every requirement.

Too many variables make it impossible to give are liable cost estimation here.

Home Inspection Cost

As not every home buyer feels comfortable to check and analyse all these aspects independently, involving a qualified home inspection engineer can be worth the money. The cost depend on the size of the property, the complexity of the inspection, and the qualifications and experience of the engineer. However, on average, the cost for a basic home inspection by a qualified engineer can range from THB 5000 to 10.000. For amore detailed inspection that includes checking the structural integrity of the building, electrical and plumbing systems, and other important components, the cost can range from THB 10.000 to 20.000 THB or more. It’s important to note that these are just rough estimates and actual costs may vary depending on individual factors and the specific engineer or inspection company hired. Of course, you can ask if it is worth to pay so much for the service. Just imagine how much more cost will be incurred if you have to fix any of the potential problems later.

One piece of serious advice by Kitzee is to consider a home inspection service before making any purchasing decision.

Get your new Home move-in ready

Purchasing a home is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you’re anew (or soon-to-be) homeowner, avoid financial stress by understanding the hidden costs for repairs, replacements, and upgrades. Please remember: While all repairs and replacements cost money, living in a functioning, comfortable and beautiful home is priceless.

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