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Kitzee Agency Co., Ltd. respects the privacy rights of its customers. When visiting our Website, some information regarding to Your visit will be automatically kept by cookies. Below You can find full and honest information about the cookies that we use on our site and the tools, details of collection, use, disclosure, processing, including erasure and destruction in managing them. This policy will describe what they are, describes the types we use, how they work, for which reasons and even how to delete and/or block. By continuing to using our Website You consent to our placing cookies on Your device in line with this policy. We handle your personal data in all channels as required by the Personal Data Protection Act.

Short and Crips

We use required cookies for site navigation, contributing, reviewing, searching, purchasing, improving your browsing experience to:

  • Provide you with services described on the Sites, general administrative and performance functions, and support services;
  • Operate the Sites and verify your identity when you sign in to any of our Sites;
  • Inform you about company news and give updates on our services;
  • Carry out technical analysis to determine how to improve the Sites and services we provide;
  • Track outages and protect against spam and fraud.

If you choose to “Accept all,” we will also use cookies and data to:

  • Improve site performance;
  • Deliver and measure the effectiveness of ads;
  • Show personalized content and ads, depending on your settings.


For the purposes of this Cookie Policy:

  • Company - (referred to as either the Company, We, Us or Our in this Disclaimer) refers to Kitzee Agency Co., Ltd.
  • Service - refers to the offers and services provided by this Website
  • You - means the individual accessing the Service, or the incorporation, institution, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable
  • Website - refers to Company's online representation, accessible from or affiliated online presences

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small piece of computer data files containing information which being able to store on Your computer and/or device (tablets, smartphones and etc.) by Your web browser while You are visiting our Website. In general, cookies do not harm Your computer and/or device. With cookies We can enhance the user experience in our online services by remembering Your language and retain user preferences, store information for things like Your unique identifier and security, goods and services. Cookies can also measure traffic in our online services, to modify content based on browsing actions and previous visits, or for advertising purposes. In these cases, Your personal data may be collected. In general, cookies are not dangerous. They are not computer programs and cannot be used to circulate viruses.

For further information about cookies You can find out more information from websites such as or

How We Use Cookies

To enhance user experience and Your visit’s satisfaction, we use cookies to recognise You more quickly, make our Website’s friendliness to You and simplify Your browsing. By doing so, third-parties services are also included and perform on our behalf. They also use (Internet Protocol) IP addresses and cookies to create, process transactional data, or to associate accounts with You for statistical and marketing purposes.

Cookies Categories Used

Session (or Transient) Cookies

Session cookies are stored in Your computer's memory for the length of Your browsing session. They become inaccessible after the session has been inactive for a time and are automatically deleted from Your computer when the browser is closed. They allow You to move from page to page without having to log-in repeatedly.


These cookies provide the consistency of experience during Your journey of surfing our Website such as logging in, filling in web forms.


These cookies help us to measure traffic, to monitor our Website’s performance e.g. determining the number of page views, the number of unique users. Also, web analytics services are performed to analyse patterns of user behaviour.


These cookies will be placed on Your device to record Your visit, the page and the link You have visited and followed. This may also include third-party cookies being used by social sharing tools and in embedded content in our services, as well as, to understand users’ interests with the objective to tailor our Website and our advertising campaign to suit Your interests. If You click on a third party's information that appears on the Website (i.e. a link to the homepage of a listed company or an advertisement for a product that is not sold by us), that third party may place cookies on Your device. We have a business relationship with these third parties but we do not place the cookies but we cannot control the use of Your information by that third party. Such cookies might include Google Analytics, Google Adsense, but also Facebook, Instagram, and other social Media. We would therefore suggest that You look at those third parties' websites for more information about the cookies they place and how You can manage them.


These cookies will facilitate when You revisit our Website. In this manner, we can use this information to customise our Website based on Your preferences.


These cookies will help the development team to maintain and fix some parts of the Website.

How to Manage Cookies

Cookies can be blocked and erased from Your browser. Each browser has their individual settings how to manage cookies. Please visit the settings in Your respective browser to adjust the settings individually (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Samsung Internet, and others). If You opted out of any cookies set by Website and associated websites, You might not be able to enjoy the full functionality our Website. You will, however, still be able to browse our Website but functions like lists and likes might not work as expected.

Updates to the Cookies Policy

This policy may be updated to properly comply with upcoming rules and regulations. So, to ensure that You get with updated version, We recommended checking this page from time to time.

By continuing to using our Website You consent to our placing cookies on Your device in line with this policy.

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