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Having an account is the only way to post and read our verified reviews on Kitzee. We make sure that we only collect real home owner reviews and simply need to know who we are dealing with. Registration also means that you're able to benefit from future promotions we might publish and get in contact with companies directly and sending messages.

We'll be sad to see you go - every review you write can help out many others make an informed decision as a consumer.

Without an account, you won't be able to post or read any reviews, or benefit from promotions. Also, you won't be able to find the review scores of the companies listed on our platform or get in contact with them.

If you still want to go through with removing your account, please go to your personal profile and follow the steps to “Delete your Account”.

After publishing your review, you have 10 days to change your review in your personal profile. After that period, you can add a comment to the review explaining the situation or reach out to Customer Support and request changes. But we will ask questions first and decide based on the details how to deal with your request.

“My problem with the company was resolved.”
Good for you, nevertheless, your initial impression and review are still valid. Other customers should hear your original warnings.

“The company asked me to remove my review.”
Unless agreed, the company does not know your credentials. Your review is an expression of opinion and you honestly held the opinion at the time you submitted your review. You are protected by the law and should not feel legally threatened by anyone to remove your review. If you receive any threats that distress or concern you, please make sure to contact us.

“I want to change the review for private reasons.”
During the grace period you can change your wording ans score. Later you can always add a comment to your review clarifying specific aspects.

“I still want to remove my review and don’t want to explain.”
Please reach out to Customer Support and we will try to accommodate your request.

Defamation is the publication of false information about an individual causing their reputation to be damaged. If your review does not identify any staff within the company and the company has 10 or more employees [what are the rules in Thailand?], your review is unlikely to be defamatory.

Our review system makes sure that no individuals could be identifiable in your review, and that we collect proof that your business relation really existed. You still must ensure that your comments are true and could be held up in court should you ever be sued. 
Thailand Defamation laws are one of the most complex in the world. Both civil and criminal claims are possible and we simply try to prevent any troubles for you

Kitzee is taking pride in having a meticulously working team of Integrity Analysts in place to verify all reviews before publishing. This way we can make sure that your posting does not bear any potential legal risk for you and comments are true and useful for your fellow users. Depending on the workload it can take a moment before we release your review.

In case we have questions or need verification, please make sure that you reply in a timely manner to help with our process.

Reviews written in accordance with our guidelines and principles (truthful, specific, objective, factual reviews that avoid emotive descriptions, especially in relation to identifiable people) are less susceptible to removal requests. If your review did not fulfil our requirements and you did not respond to our request to amend expressions or provide additional proof - we might refrain from publishing your contribution to avoid legal risks for you. If there is a need to initiate an integrity check you will be involved and get the chance to contribute to clarifications.

Please explain the situation to Customer Support and we will help to rectify the issue.

Due to storage limitations, we only allow pictures in your review. We are also not fond of any external links to video platforms because we cannot control the content. Thank you for accepting this restriction because it does not limit your opportunity to express your opinion.

Quite frankly - we don’t like that as we have absolutely no control over external content. We also don’t see the need for external links as this might provide very little benefit to Kitzee users. We will be tightly monitoring any external links but chances are that we will not accept.

Kitzee is proud to publish only verified reviews. We have a whole team of Integrity Analysts in place to make sure the reviews comply with our standards and guidelines. That also means we collect proof of an existing financial connection between the reviewer and the company. As every service in construction and renovation would only be rendered against payment, this is the best way to ensure we publish only reviews of actual customers.

We only store the verification proof internally. No document by a user will be published on the Website to protect your privacy. Please check our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for further details.

Confirming your email and phone number helps us make sure you are a real person and not a robot. It also allows us to ensure that you get notifications from us when your posts are published or if there are any issues with them. It's important to use a working email address and phone number so that you can sign in and recover your account if you are not logged in.

You can change all details in your personal profile. When storing both communication ways we can assist you in recovering your account in case you locked yourself out.

No. Although Kitzee is related to Thailand’s important Facebook Group คนดีไซน์ you don't need a Facebook account to use Kitzee. Although Single-Sign-On might be nice, we would not get sufficient information to verify your identity as required for our platform. 

Nevertheless, for detailed discussions with experienced members and inspiration for your home projects you are very welcome to join the group.

For ease of use our search algorithm is picking on your registered home address or IP address. Details are described in our Privacy Policy. You can change your location in the search bar to look for companies outside of your actual home area at any time.

Once you contacted a company for information, they have the option to reply to you. Our guidelines prevent them from harassing you. Ask the company directly to refrain from sending further messages. If they don’t comply with your explicit request, please inform Customer Service. If you receive harassment or spam via a private message, make sure to report the user who has been contacting you.

All personal information you provide to Kitzee such as your name, email address, phone number, mailing address are 100% private. We do not pass on your details to third parties. Our Privacy Policy describes in detail how your details are protected. Even when messaging to companies directly it will take place under your Alias Username.

The only information that is shared publicly by default is your nickname and your city. You can choose to share your first and/or last name as well, which is your choice.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

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